Is Alfa Romeo Maintenance Expensive?

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If you’ve recently purchased a new Alfa Romeo, it’s important to keep up with your model’s maintenance schedule if you’d like to protect your high-end investment. You can find a detailed maintenance plan in your owner’s manual. But in the meantime, the service experts at Genesis Alfa Romeo have created this overview of a general Alfa Romeo maintenance schedule that you can follow to keep your vehicle in excellent condition.

You’re likely wondering, “How much does Alfa Romeo maintenance cost?”. The price will vary according to how many miles are on the vehicle and what services are being performed. Keep reading to learn more about the services your Alfa Romeo will receive at each mileage interval, as well as their estimated prices. Then, reach out to our service center at 586-551-7951 to get a more accurate picture of your Alfa Romeo maintenance costs.

Alfa Romeo Maintenance Plan

Your Alfa Romeo maintenance schedule is broken down into mileage intervals and at each interval, there’s a list of services that should be performed. Here’s a list of tasks that that technicians do to keep your Alfa Romeo on Sterling Heights roads for the long haul:

Generalized Alfa Romeo Maintenance Plan

1 Year or 10,000 Miles–$80

  • Perform tire rotation
  • Check battery charge status
  • Check tire condition/wear/pressure
  • Check operation of exterior lights
  • Check and top up off fluids
  • Check engine control system operation (via diagnostic tool)
  • Check position and wear of front windshield wiper blades
  • Visually inspect condition and wear of front and rear disc brake pads and operation of pad wear indicators
  • Brake disc wear status check with diagnostic tool
  • Visually inspect surface and edges of brake discs
  • Visually inspect the condition and tensioning of the accessory drive belt

2 Years or 20,000 Miles–$340

  • Everything in the 1st year checkup, plus…
  • Brake fluid flush
  • Cabin filter replacement

3 Years or 30,000 Miles–$180

  • Everything in the 1st year checkup, plus…
  • Engine air filter replacement

4 Years or 40,000 Miles–$340

  • Everything in the 2nd year checkup, plus…
  • Serpentine belt replacement

5 Years or 50,000 Miles–$80

  • Repeat 1st year checkup

6 Years or 60,000 Miles–$700

  • Everything in 2nd and 3rd year checkups, plus…
  • Spark plug replacement

Beyond 60,000 Miles

  • Repeat the above Alfa Romeo Maintenance plan cycle every 10,000 miles until 150,000, at which time the coolant will also be changed.

Alfa Romeo Maintenance Warranty Coverage

Genesis Alfa Romeo helps reduce the Alfa Romeo maintenance cost for our Sterling Heights-area customers with our rotating service and parts specials. However, some of your service visits will be covered by your Alfa Romeo warranty:

  • Manufacturer Limited Factory Warranty: Covers 1st year/10,000 mile maintenance check
  • Alfa Romeo Premium Care: Available coverage for Alfa Romeo Maintenance Plan visits from 1st to 4th year or 40,000 miles

Visit Genesis Alfa Romeo for Expert Alfa Romeo Maintenance

The certified technicians at Genesis Alfa Romeo are ready to help keep your luxury vehicle in pristine condition. Schedule an appointment online when your vehicle is due for maintenance. If you have any questions about your Alfa Romeo maintenance cost, give us a call today!

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